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Market Report
Noon Stock Updaye, Wed., Feb. 25

In Toronto, the S-and-P/T-S-X composite index was up 15 points to 7,874. In New York, the Dow Jones fell 128 to 7,223. The NASDAQ lost 26 points to 1,415. The price of oil in New York is up $2.14 to $42.10. Gold is off $3.20 to $966.30. The dollar was trading at 79.72 cents U-S, down 71-100ths from Tuesday's close


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Calgary Residential Roofing Services

Are you experiencing issues with the roof of your home? It may be suddenly leaking or it may have been considerably damaged after a storm. Whatever is the issue it is better to get it check out quickly. Delaying will only worsen the condition and increase your expense. When you are considering Epic Roofing & Exteriors Ltd., the first thing you need to understand is that it has a very unique climate. The temperature changes are rather drastic, varying excessively within a couple of hours. In addition, the place is affected by really strong Chinook winds.

Every roof requires a customized solution with a unique mix of components. The difference between perfectly done roofs and the ones that are leak or blow away, depend on the applicator. Hence, it is very important that you select the best among the available Calgary Residential Roofing Services.

The most common roofing system used in Calgary around ten years ago on a low slope and flat roof was mainly the tar and gravel mechanism. Over the years, it was found that there were major leaks in these types of roofing systems. In addition, with the strong winds, the shingles are seen lying on the lawns. Repairing such types of residential roofing is rather cumbersome. To repair such types of old roofing systems, you need to have a company that has the experience and understanding of the older roofing and all the new means and materials that help to reform the roof to withstand the harsh conditions for years follow by regularly maintaining it.

There are loads of common roofing problems, some of which include leaky roofs, improper installations, ice damming, incorrect roofing application and corner cutting.

Calgary Residential Roofing Service companies should first start with a thorough inspection. They must be able to provide you with a detailed report on the complete visual scrutiny of the roof and other exterior components, the potential risks and a repair estimate. You need to be careful, because some companies just amplify the solutions required and provide a huge invoice, even though the roof damages are small and are capable of being repaired with minor repair work. Only if absolutely necessary, you can go in for a full replacement of the roof.

There are a large number of companies in Calgary that offer residential and commercial roofing services, but you need to research well and read through the company reviews prior to making your final choice for the Calgary Residential Roofing Service.

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